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All About Jane Seymour Botanicals 

Flower lovers need help! 
People who enjoy the beauty that flowers provide in their homes but want to find an alternative to replacing fresh blossoms every week with something more permanent need help finding high-quality permanent botanicals. Sure, there’s lots of low-end artificial flowers out there at your local hobby and craft outlet, but budget arrangements or do-it-yourself stems don’t really don’t come close to the real thing. Now there’s a solution- Janeseymourbotanicals.com.

Jane Seymour’s love affair with flowers has been a life-long passion. She’s channeled that passion through her paintings as well as with fresh flowers featured prominently in her home. Now she’s teamed up with some of the most talented floral designers in the home décor industry to take on the challenge of helping flower lovers find beautiful, realistic and “I can’t believe they’re not fresh!” permanent botanical floral arrangements, wreaths and more. Together with the designers at Janeseymourbotanicals.com, Jane and her team have developed 5 collections with themes based on her favorite home décor color combinations. Flower lovers can now order permanent botanicals from these five collections with the convenience and ease of online shopping and can rest assured that they’ll be receiving florals that will truly match up to the “real” thing. And they won’t have to worry about the petals wilting or remembering to water them! 

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